Instructions for Distance Learning

Dear Parents and Students,

As we continue to transition to a distance learning environment, we would like to clarify a few points that should make things easier for both parents and school administration.

Drop off/pick up instructions of school work:

Most of the teachers have switched to digital work which is available on our distance learning tab.  Some teachers have print outs for the students to complete which would require pick up of school work.  The following instructions are for pick up and drop off of school work.

  • Ideally, we’d prefer students to digitize their finished work and email it to the teachers.  This can be by taking a photo and emailing it, or using a scanner to make a jpeg or PDF.
  • If students are unable to digitize their work and must still drop off at the school or if a teacher requests you pick up work, call the school and arrange a time for drop off/pick up. When you get to the school, stay in your car and someone will come out to collect your items or give you a packet.  If someone doesn’t come out, call the front office at 301-733-0712.


TCA Administration

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